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Pearlfection Dentistry opens their new dental office in Urbana, MD.

October 2019

Pearlfection Dentistry was looking for an IT company who can assist them with the move of their IT environment to a new location. They needed someone who is capable of working on the project on a short notice. We competed against two other service provider, and with our current relationship with Pearlfection Dentistry and the great experience they have with our service, they awarded the project to us.

The project was to be completed within 30 days, and the challenge was that we can only move the existing computers, TV's and network equipments 3 days before their opening date, and try to work on the wiring and site preparation while construction is on-going. With proper planning and coordination we were able to complete the work satisfactorily and within budget.

The project included the following tasks:

  • New data cable wiring for 15 ports.
  • Relocation and Mounting of 7 55" TV Displays on the front lobby and on all dental workrooms.
  • All cables for TV display must be behind the wall.
  • Installation of 2 new ceiling mounted speakers and connecting all existing ceiling speakers to a new centralized speaker control system.
  • Moving and installations of the existing workstations, printers and network equipments such as routers, switches into the new location.
  • Setting up VoIP Phones from Jive Communications.
  • Testing and verification to ensure the whole IT environment is ready for opening day.

After the works was completed, this is what the Manager, Stu Stringer said about our service:

Walden and his team did a great job getting our dental practices wifi, computers, tvs mounted, sound system, and printers all working properly and together. Highly recommend Ostremo Networks.

If you'd like to inquire about our services, please call us at 301-880-9592, or fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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