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We make IT simple with straightforward solutions complete with the technology designed to keep your business secure and reliable. Partner with us for a complete IT solution from a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

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OSTREMO is a Managed IT Service Provider. Our focus is on small businesses who need computer networking services and support. Our mission is to enable small businesses gain competitive advantage through a robust information technology infrastructure that support their business services, simplify operation and allow the business owners and management to focus on their customers.


FREE NETWORK ASSESSMENT to learn the health of your IT Infrastructure.


24/7 Support for your business IT from our CompTIA Certified Network+ Technicians.


Get RANSOMWARE protection for your business. Cloud Security for your users and devices.


On-site and Off-site repair services. Custom-built PC’s for your business apps.


Help your IT with our CompTIA certified network techs and engineers.

Set apart from your peers with an IT Infrastructure designed for your business

Our complete IT Solutions will position your business to gain that edge to deliver your business’ products and services with confidence knowing that you have a technology that can meet the need of your employees and customers on-demand.

Get a complete turnkey IT Solutions to power your business in no time.

From Internet Service to Cloud Security for your network and devices, we have the complete solution to keep your business connected and secure eliminating the need for multiple vendors to get you up and running. Our partnership with Comcast can get you the best internet service for your business.

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